Our first collaboration grew out of our trip to Uganda to see the mountain gorillas. It was the most difficult and physically demanding of all our journeys. Since we shared the misery of three days of exhausting treks up and down steep, slippery slopes, we decided to share the joy of telling the story and creating the pictures in Gorilla Walk.

Release date: June 9, 2015
SLJ Starred review: "Verdict: A captivating tribute to this glorious orb we call home."

"Ted and Betsy Lewin's "How To Babysit A Leopard" is the journey of a lifetime about a lifetime of journeys. From scorpion spiders the size of dinner plates to the sleek patent leather hide of a cottonmouth, you're apt to go anywhere in these pages."

- Richard Peck, Newberry medal-winning author of A Year Down Under.

Have you ever had to babysit a leopard? Gone to the bathroom while a hippo nudges the door? Been mugged by a band of baboons or woken up in the middle of the night to find a cane rat dancing with your toothpaste?

Acclaimed authors and artists Ted and Betsy Lewin have, and share their first-hand encounters with snakes, mountain gorillas, Mongolian wrestlers, juicy, colorful, edible worms, and more in this funny, fascinating, and sometimes terrifying account of their travels around the world.

Packed with pencil drawings, full color illustrations, and captivating photographs, there is not a single dull moment as Ted and Betsy take the reader through Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and back home to the USA.
144 pages, full color throughout.

And, now available from Lee & Low Books, a paperback series